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I present each session via Microsoft Teams. This means that all participants continue to benefit from direct interaction with the trainer as they would during a face-to-face course. 

The course runs for three hours and is packed with useful and interesting information, including:

  • understanding the different target groups - disabled people, people with English as a second language, young and older people

  • basic problems - long words, long and passive sentences, confused meaning

  • basic grammar – the colon, the apostrophe and using capital letters

  • spoken and written English




The successful roll-out of the NEC4 suite of contracts depends on high-quality, clear communications between contractors, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the construction industry.


My recently-launched NEC4 communications training aims to encourage greater clarity in contractual language, so that construction projects benefit fully from NEC4 objectives.


Each session lasts four hours and includes all the skills delivered on my standard Plain English course, but with an emphasis on how to use those skills within the context of contractual and technical language.

All examples used on the course are drawn from the suite of formal New Engineering Contract documents and from general communications between NEC4 practitioners.

As with my standard courses, the feedback for my NEC4 training has been consistently "excellent". 

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