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Lizzie Whetnall, Head of Communications 

NHS South West London CCG

"The session was packed with incredibly useful and interesting information. I learned so much from the course."


Melanie Collings, Technical Author

Institute of Chartered Accountants

"It was excellent to have someone so knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenting."


Sandy Bannister, Equality Manager

Worcestershire County Council

"Shirley is a knowledgeable trainer whose course was enriched by a wealth of practical examples drawn from her own considerable experience. An excellent investment in terms of both time and financial resources."


Jamie Angus, Head of Communications

Wolverhampton Homes

"We’ve had rave reviews from all the staff who have worked with Shirley. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of jargon and public sector gobbledygook and too often we forget about the readers. Shirley helped us to think more about what we write and the tone we use."

Training delegate, Pearl Assurance Group

"Brilliant trainer! Excellent course!"


Eddie Fellows, Network Director

Kier Highways

"Shirley's professionalism, strategic knowledge and good humour had a significant impact on the smooth transition of the Birmingham PFI contract from Amey to Kier."


Dr David Staton, CEO Motor Design LTD

"Shirley’s extraordinary ability to understand the complex world of multi-physics, and use that knowledge to transform our global communications, was recognised and appreciated by academics, motor manufacturers and internal software designers alike."


Mike Blundy, Commercial Director


"Shirley played a huge part in helping to improve communications with residents during our works on the M6 Managed Motorway Project. Her commitment and professional integrity made her a valued member of the team."


Steve Winterflood, Chief Executive

South Staffordshire Council

"Shirley's passion and enthusiasm for language is contagious. We've made a huge effort to change the way we communicate since she worked with us. Using plain English gives our residents a better customer experience and saves us money. It just makes sense."

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