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Hello. I’m Shirley Carnegie and I've been providing plain English training and editing services to public and private sector clients for many years. Some of you may know me through SCPR LTD, the company I set up in 1996. 

SCPR LTD is now trading as “Shirley Carnegie” to deliver Plain English and Inclusive Communications training remotely via Microsoft Teams. Clients continue to enjoy the benefits of direct interaction with me, but in a relaxed and convenient setting of their choice. 


My courses continue to help meet the needs of various target audiences, including members of diverse communities, young and older people and people who may have a visual impairment. They also tackle common problems, such as using long words, long and complex sentences and pompous language. You will also be shown how to avoid common mistakes, such as using idioms or irony that may confuse people with English as a second language. 


I've been a professional writer, trainer and public speaker for more than twenty years. I'm also a qualified journalist and author. Click here to see my three novels. You can also view my digital artwork, which is displayed on shirleycarnegieart.

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